Soos Creek Brewing Co. Simply Balanced!

Like so many before us and those to follow, Soos Creek Brewing Co. started as a wish, an idea, a dream of ours to make our home-brew available to the public.  In January 2011 that dream became a reality when we were licensed as a brewery and Soos Creek Brewing Co. was born.


Starting a brewery is an arduous task that takes nearly a year in planning and getting licensed but here we are living the dream!  Well, almost, we brew in a 10′x12′ brew house (DO NOT CALL IT A SHED!) currently brewing two 1 bbl batches on brew day and fermenting in a 2 bbl fermenter.  Truly the epitome of a nano brewery!  This small size though makes for a very intimate beer defining what handcrafted means.


In the time since our inception we have moved from a 1/2 bbl hotside (mashing and boiling) to 1 bbl brew kettles that we have semi automated.  We shared and solicited advice on this build on HomeBrewTalk and it truly outlines our process.  Yes, home-brew.  We are not afraid nor embarrassed to say our brewery is more of a glorified home brewery then a big automated commercial brewery and we love it.  To us, so much enjoyment is drawn from the technical, scientific and even artful side of the brewing process.  We love to touch every aspect of our beer from the water and grain selection to the yeast and the hops.  Even when we fully realize our dream of having a brewpub this will remain true.


We strive to bring balance to every beer we brew.  Only with balance can the drinker truly experience the intricate tastes, textures and aromas a handcrafted beer has to offer.  We truly hope when you try one of our beers you find this to be true and enjoy them as much as we do!



TJ & Jason